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This project will examine the Presidential and Federal Reserves Monetary/Fiscal Policy that led up to the Great Depression through the end of Reagan’s Presidency. In particular, it will explore economic… Read more »

The Great Depression

“It’s Fine as Long as You’re Going Up”, Cartoonist: Jay Darling, March 1928 In March of 1928, cartoonist Jay Darling published a political cartoon, titled “Its Fine as Long as… Read more »

The New Deal

Franklin D. Roosevelt. “Radio Address of The President”, Radio broadcast, May 7, 1933 On May 7th, 1933, newly elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt broadcasted his first attempt in strengthening the… Read more »

World War ll

“The Heart of Recovery”, The Wall Street Journal, Page 4, October 28, 1938 On October 28, 1938, The Wall Street Journal published this newspaper article, titled “The Heart of Recovery,”… Read more »


Primary Sources Darling, Jay. “It’s Fine as Long as You’re Going Up.” 1928. Cartoon. Reproduction Number LC-DIG-hlb-01034. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. “Runs on Banks”: people milling… Read more »