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Letter from Ida B. Wells-Barnett to public members of the Anti-Lynching Bureau – 1902 This source is a letter written by Ida B. Wells-Barnett, a famous anti-lynching, and civil rights… Read more »


Arkansas Faith: The South Will Fight!!  – December 1955 This source is the Arkansas Faith, a White Citizens Council newspaper stationed out of Arkansas thats mission is to publicize the white… Read more »


CBS Eyewitness: “Breakthrough in Birmingham” – May 10, 1963 This video captured by CBS Eyewitness on May 10, 1963 shows the violent protests and riots that occurred in Birmingham, Alabama…. Read more »


Primary Sources  CBS. 1963.”Breakthrough in Birmingham.” CBS Video, 4:55. May 10, 1963,  Civil Rights Act of 1964, H.R. 7152, 88th Cong. (1964). Douthard, William J. June 1963. Letter to… Read more »