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This digital exhibition on African American Music in Modern US History will explore the role of music on African American musicians and what musical styles formed and flourished on account… Read more »

Ragtime (1932-1971)

“Pie, Pie, Blackbird”, Director Roy Mack, YouTube Video, (1932) The short film, Pie, Pie Blackbird, was directed by Roy Mack and released and published by Warner Brothers Entertainment Incorporation in… Read more »

Blues (1920’s-1940’s)

“B.B. King: King of the Blues”, Rita Charleston (1912-2001) News Article of the Philadelphia Tribune The news article, “B.B. King: King of the Blues,” written by Rita Charleston, found on… Read more »

Jazz (1917-1987)

“Civil Rights March on Washington D.C.”, Warren Leffler, Photograph (1963) Library of Congress Prints and Photographs.   This photograph was taken by Warren K. Leffler in 1963 in Washington, D.C…. Read more »


Primary Sources: Charleston, Rita. “B.B. King: King of the Blues.” Philadelphia Tribune (1912-2001), Mar 31, 1998, p.1. ProQuest. Delano, Jack. 1940. At The Bus Station in Durham, North Carolina. Library of… Read more »