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Women in Art, 20th Century Focus The 20th century for women was a time of immense change in the United States. Studying female art in American history is a powerful… Read more »

Early Century

Nina Allender Political Cartoon, 1915 This source is a political cartoon that was drawn by Nina Allender in January of 1915. Allender was a political cartoonist for the National Women’s… Read more »


The International Sweethearts of Rhythm song, “Jump Children!” 1949 This is a YouTube video from the NPR website of a recording of a song by The Interntional Sweethearts of Rhythm,… Read more »

Later Century

 Buffy Sainte-Marie song “Now That the Buffalo’s Gone,” 1964 This source is a YouTube video from the Daily Motion website of a song by Buffy Sainte Marie, a native American… Read more »


Primary sources  Allender, Nina. The Spirit of ‘76 On to the Senate! 1915. 17 in 12.25 in. National Women’s Party Archives. Accessed December 2, 2019.   California Commission on the Status of Women. 1979. Women… Read more »