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Reconstruction Era

Diary of Nathan W.  Daniels In this diary of Nathan W. Daniels, he discusses the issues of the time after former slaves became free after the Civil War. Nathan W…. Read more »

Jim Crow Era

Bob Gilgor Interview with Rebecca Clark In an interview of Rebecca Clark who recalls working in segregated North Carolina. It covers the Jim Crow discrimination in regards to money… Read more »


The Voices of the Great Migration In this audio documentary, it covers the Great Migration, in which “over six million African Americans left from the South” in the hopes… Read more »

The Great Depression and the New Deal

Great Depression In this documentary, it discussed how the nation was affected during the Great Depression. In this clip, it explicitly describes the struggles of African Americans who were… Read more »

Civil Rights Era

“We are American, Praise the Lord” Song The song  was created as a gospel song that African Americans sang about how despite our differences, we are the same and we… Read more »


Primary Sources: Alexander, Sadie Tanner Mossell. The Responsibility of Minorities. Sadie T. M. Alexander Papers (FF 91, (UPT 50 A374S, Boxes 2 and 71), University of Pennsylvania Archives, Philadelphia, Penn.), University… Read more »