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Primary Sources: Secondary Sources: Ewing, Elizabeth, and Alice Mackrell. History of 20th Century Fashion. London: Batsford, 1997. Mason, Meghann. The Impact of World War II on Women ‘s Fashion in… Read more »


This exhibit will be exploring how women’s fashion reflected the social, political, and economic themes of the time period. It will focus on the style ideal of the time; which… Read more »

Gilded Age

Gibson Girl- 1895 This source is an illustration of a “Gibson Girl” a young woman drawn by Charles D Gibson. She wears an ornate, floor-length embroidered gown with a full… Read more »

World War I

War Poster- 1917 This source is a wartime poster from 1917 of a young woman worker, holding up an artillery shell and an airplane. The poster is from WWI and… Read more »


Flapper Jane- 1925 This source is an article from the New Republic, an American magazine, written in 1925. It describes and analyzes the current flapper fashion trend. The article centers… Read more »

World War II

War Poster- 1940s This is a war poster by the Office for Emergency Management, Office of War Information, Domestic Operations Branch, and the Bureau of Special Services from World War… Read more »


Vogue Magazine Photograph- 1930 This source is a photo for Vogue magazine in 1930 of two models wearing stylish evening gowns. This photo showcases the style of the time for… Read more »