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Dawes Act of 1887

The Dawes Act of 1887 was created to further assimilate Native Americans, claiming it would help them from extermination. Native Americans had been given reservations from the U.S but the… Read more »

Milwaukee Sentinel

This article in the Milwaukee Sentinel describes the author’s visit to the Menominee Indian Village. The author’s opinion that the Native American children have a low intellectual capacity is apparent… Read more »

Indian Reorganization Act

The Indian Reorganization Act was created in response to the Great Depression. President Roosevelt wanted to help all Americans get out of the depression and the Indian Reorganization Act was… Read more »


Westward expansion for a long time had created conflict with the Native Americans and settlers. The settlers tried to resolve this by taking the Native Americans off reservations. After displacing… Read more »


Primary Sources Love, William. “Samson Occom: the founding of Brothertown by Christian Indians.” Utica Morning Herald. Utica: Utica Morning Herald, 1894, pp. 1. From Oneida Historical Society, (Accessed December… Read more »