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In the United States, the 1900s through the present have experienced significant change and growth in many areas, including women’s reproductive rights. Although women’s reproductive rights have expanded, there is… Read more »


An excerpt from the Plymouth Tribune newspaper, written in 1907 by F.H. Kuhn. This excerpt discusses a bill that was signed into place in Indiana that allowed the sterilization of… Read more »


This poster is an advertisement for Margaret Sangers newspaper, The Women Rebel. While the letter Margaret Sanger wrote in 1914 discussed the censorship of her newspaper, this poster is an… Read more »


Filled out in 1950 by Doctors at a California institution, this form guaranteed the sterilization of a women who was considered “feeble-minded”. Even in 1950 there were institutions that forcibly… Read more »


This is a flyer made to advertise a protest against Joseph Califano in 1977. Joseph Califano was the secretary of Health, Education and Welfare and opposed abortion ( “Mr. Califano… Read more »


This photo was taken in 2014 at a protest in Washington DC. This has become a recent issue revolving around Donald Trump’s election to presidential office in 2016. President Trump… Read more »

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Association for Voluntary Sterilization Inc. AVS Survey Project. 1970. New York, New York.  Birth Control Babe. 1960. Poster Brett Kavanaugh Referred To Contraception As ‘Abortion-Inducing Drugs’ During Hearing | TIME. Performed… Read more »

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Davis, Susan E., ed. Women under Attack Victories, Backlash, and the Fight for Reproductive Freedom. Boston, MA: South End Press, 1988. Haussman, Melissa. Reproductive Rights and the State: Getting the Birth Control,… Read more »