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United States and Soviet Union/Russia Relations in the 20thCentury This exhibition will review the relations between the United States and the Soviet Union/Russia during the 20thcentury. The project will mainly… Read more »

Cold War

Speech Delivered at a Meeting of Voters of the Stalin Electoral District, Moscow, 1946 Stalin gave his “election” speech on February 9, 1946 and spoke about coming out victorious in… Read more »


George Orwell “You and the Atomic Bomb” In George Orwell’s essay “You and the Atomic Bomb”, Orwell warns people that the atomic bomb will not only lead to the destruction… Read more »


Beardsley, E. H. “Secrets between Friends: Applied Science Exchange between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union during World War II.” The SHAFR Guide Online7, no. 4 (1977): 447-73. doi:10.1163/2468-1733_shafr_sim130100002. Brick,… Read more »