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19th Century

Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) The Chinese Exclusion Act was a law signed by president Chester Arthur in 1882 that prohibited all immigration of Chinese laborers into the country. This was… Read more »

Early 1900s

Immigration’s Effect upon Women (1900) This magazine article from a 1900 edition of Harper’s Bazaar talks about the effects that immigration will have on the women in the country, and… Read more »

After World War I

Immigration Act of 1924 The Immigration Act of 1924 was introduced in the House of Representatives as H.R. 7995 at the 68th United States Congress on May 26, 1924. It… Read more »


Primary Sources: H.R. 5804, 47th Cong. (1882) (enacted). H.R. H.R. 7995, 68th Cong. (1924) (enacted). “Immigration’s Effect upon Women.” Harper’s Bazaar, September 22, 1900, 1347. Levick, Edwin. Immigrants on an Atlantic Liner…. Read more »