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Race has been one of America’s most crucial focal points since the slave trade began in the seventeenth century. While the roots of racism lie in many different parts of… Read more »

Reconstruction Era

Freedmen’s Bureau The Freedmen’s Bureau was created during the Reconstruction Era to aid in the transition for former slaves to community members. It created schools, medical facilities, and aided in… Read more »

Populism Era

Agrarian Unrest As seen during the Reconstruction Era, little was done to ensure newly freed slaves had the resources for economic betterment. African Americans weren’t given land to own and… Read more »

New Deal

New Deal Era: The New Deal brought economic expansion and an unprecedented amount of government involvement came along with it. The programs put forth by President Franklin D. Roosevelt aimed… Read more »


Primary Sources: “The Reason the Negro Voted the Democratic Ticket.”1911. The Chicago Defender. April 8th, Proquest Historical Newspapers. “Jim Crow Law is Upheld by U.S. High Court.” 1920. The Chicago Tribune. April 20th, Proquest Historical… Read more »