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Women from WWII to present day have seen tremendous changes in their professional occupations due to their fight to be seen more as individuals rather than as minorities. The focus… Read more »

Women of WWII

Denson Tribune: December 10, 1943 Throughout the beginning of WWII numerous American households were changing. Women in these households were found to uphold new job roles due to fathers, sons… Read more »

Women of Today

Sheryl Sandberg Sheryl Sandberg in the present day is a prime example of the results due to the relentless pursuit for women’s equality and individuality starting from WWII. She is… Read more »


Secondary Sources Kerber, Linda K., and Jane Sherron De Hart. “Women’s America: refocusing the past.” New York: Oxford University Press. 1987. Immerman, Richard H., and Petra Goedde. “The Oxford Handbook… Read more »