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This project will examine the changes in presidential powers and influence from World War I to the end of the Cold War. Due to the number of military and threat… Read more »

World War 1

Woodrow Wilson Calling for War (1917) This drawing done by Victor Pernard on April 2, 1917, later published in the New York Times in 1919, depicts Woodrow Wilson at the… Read more »

World War II

December 8, 1941: Address to Congress Requesting a Declaration of War Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Address to Congress Requesting a Declaration of War, December 8, 1941,” UVA: Miller Center via the… Read more »

The Cold War

The Korean War President Truman On Korea: Addressing the Nation Harry Truman. “President Truman addresses the nation on the issue of Korean War and signs an emergency proclamation in Washington… Read more »


Primary Sources Pernard, Victor. President Wilson Delivering Historic War Message.┬áNew York: New York Times Co., 1919. From Library of Congress. (Accessed May 5, 2019). Wilson, Woodrow and the 64th… Read more »