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“Prove it on me Blues” was written in 1928 by Ma Rainey. It was also performed and recorded in 1928. Her music was recorded in Chicago by the Chicago Music… Read more »


Nina Simone’s song Mississippi Goddam was written in 1963 after a horrible church bombing in Alabama. Her live performance video was recorded in New York City at Carnegie Hall in… Read more »


In 1979, New York’s Cosmopolitan Magazine highlighted Donna Summer’s new studio album “Bad Girls”. The magazine cover consists of Donna Summer wearing a revealing black laced dress. In the background… Read more »


Primary Sources “An Assertive Song of Lesbian Self-affirmation. · Jonathan Ned Katz: Ma Rainey’s “Prove It On Me Blues,” 1928 · It’s About Time.” Accessed April 25, 2019…. Read more »