Vietnam War

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The Newspaper article (not depicted above) created by the New York Times¬†described the public response to the Vietnam war in August of 1965. The Vietnam war was a hotly contested war in which the fear of communism eventually becoming the dominant government strategy was used to justify US intervention.The article presents a relatively negative view on the president’s policy towards Vietnam claiming that while the president thought he had support in actuality, he severely lacked public support. The publicized disapproval of the presidents decisions shows the change from a censored media to a media that earned the titled of the “uncensored war”.¬†



This photograph depicts a woman sobbing over her husband who is not fully dressed, deceased and covered in sand. This photo is indicative of the style of photography used during the Vietnam war, precisely the willingness of photographers to take pictures that represented the pain of both parties fighting the war. This photo differs from what we have seen in any previous war as it indeed shows the horrors of the War for both parties fighting. The former wars  focused on showing the hardship of US troops as seen in the photos from all the wars above.