Vietnam War

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the draft

“Fuck The Draft” was created by famous anti-war activist Kiyoshi Kuromiya. Kuromiya created this poster in 1968 under the pseudonym Dirty Linen Corp and distributed it by mail. The intended audience of this primary source was for men between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six because they were eligible to be drafted. The poster depicts a young man burning his draft card which was the intended purpose behind its creation. The poster was meant to encourage young men into burning their draft cards to avoid being sent to Vietnam and forced to commit war atrocities. Kuromiya wanted to spread his message of protesting the war all over the country, so he encouraged people to distribute copies if they were to receive one, he even encouraged people to send copies to the White House. The poster also shows that the general public did not actually favor the United State’s involvement in Vietnam. 


resit the draft


This primary source was created by the Students for a Libertarian Society in 1965. The intended audience of the poster titled “Resist the Draft” was for young adults. The purpose of this source is to protest the Vietnam War. The Students for a Libertarian Society was a group similar to the Students for a Democratic Society and both of them promoted protests against the government’s involvement in the Vietnam War. The main point of this source is the image of burning a draft card. This poster was distributed all over college campuses in hopes that students would resist the draft and burn their draft cards.