Women After World War II (1950’s)

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“Tide’s Got What Women Want!” Advertisement (1955)

This 1955 Family Circle magazine advertisement depicts a happy woman hugging a box of tide detergent. In this advertisement, the brand leader Tide that had been launched in 1946 is using the image of a typical housewife to sell their materials. During the 1950’s, as a result of demobilization after World War II, women were expected to go back to their domestic lifestyle after having been in the workforce while men were fighting in the war. Due to men taking back the jobs that women had during the war, many women became unemployed and were seen as dependents on men who were bringing in the household income. The 1950’s can also be characterized by ¬†an increase in consumption of goods which helped boost the economy but also encouraged the idea that women were expected to get married to a man to be able to afford goods and have a better lifestyle.The advertisement demonstrates the beliefs at the time period that it is a women’s duty to engage in domestic work which reinforced traditional women’s societal roles and had a negative impact on women who desired more freedom and a sense of individuality.