World War I

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          The New York Times was a popular newspaper at the time of World War I and was distributed throughout much of the country. This article on World War I imparticular presents the War in a positive light and presents the facts in a neutral tone. The neutrality and positivity of this piece could have been due to fear of censorship of print media as the government had already begun censoring radio and photography. In comparison to newspaper articles during Vietnam, this source remains relatively unopinionated whereas previous, and future sources such as with the USS Maine created turmoil around wartime decisions.

This picture depicts a group of soldiers walking information under victory arch after the end of world war I.  World War I was controversial as many did not want the US to get involved the neutral and positive presentation in media helped to influence the American public. The style of photography seen here was ubiquitous during world war I and represented the censorship seen in photos during world war I. The style represented soldiers in a professional and heroic manner often leaving out the more horrific parts of war. This photo is similar to the images seen in the Spanish-American war that primarily show the soldiers in a positive light.