World War II

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We Can Do It

“We Can Do it!” was a propaganda poster created by J. Howard Miller who was a prominent American graphic designer. Westinghouse War Production Coordinating Committee published “We Can Do It!” in 1942. This propaganda poster was intended for women, who were not allowed to fight in the war. The purpose of this poster was to encourage women to enter the workforce and take industrial jobs while the men were overseas. The women in the poster became a national icon for women around the country and was dubbed, “Rosie the Riveter”. During the war women took jobs in factories to produce munitions, build ships, and airplanes. The key point of this poster was to encourage female patriotism and have them help on the homefront.

Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi was a propaganda film directed by Clyde Geronimi, written by Gregor Ziemer, and produced by Walt Disney. The publisher, or distributor, RKO Radio Pictures and was released on January 15, 1943. The intended audience of the animated short film was American citizens. The purpose of the Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi was to educate American citizens of how the Nazi party worked. It was intended to scare American as well because it is an exaggeration of reality in Nazi Germany because of how it depicts their schools and treatment of the youth. Another reason it was used to scare American citizens because it follows a young boy who is turned into a Nazi soldier and parents would fear the Nazis winning the war and turning their children into soldiers. The focus of the movie was to frighten Americans into thinking if we lose the war this will be our lives too, and this was done by the hyper representation of reality for the people of Nazi Germany. 

when you ride alone

This poster was created in 1943 by the artist Weimer Pursell and was published by the Office of Price Administration. Pursell’s poster was intended for the American public, but more specifically Americans who relied on car transportation. At the time there were more Americans than ever before who owned and drove cars, and the purpose of the poster was to encourage Americans to preserve resources needed for the war effort. This poster was specifically focused on the conservation of oil and gasoline. The poster uses the concept that if you ride alone, which does not conserve gasoline, you are riding with Hitler. Essentially this means if you do not help conserve gasoline you are helping Hitler.