World War II

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The poster depicted above shows a quote from President Roosevelt and statistics about what military items were made in 1942. The poster was created by the US government and is used to encourage Americans to participate in the military industry. The US attempted to stay out of world war II and rather than direct involvement provided military materials to the allied forces. Due to the US not being on the continent in which the war was occurring it became a significant producer for wartime materials. This source is unlike the previous sources as it was created by the government to encourage Americans to participate in the production process. However, it shows the government acknowledging the power of media using it for their own purposes.

This photo shows a soldier being given blood plasma in an attempt to save his life while the civilians look on. World war II was a war that was relatively supported by the American public, and therefore the media gained slightly more traction to print different photos. The photo shows the beginning of a shift in photography style where soldiers are depicted in a weekend state. The picture depicted for World War I shows the rigidity of the photos taken whereas this image shows the working soldier in a real battle situation. The style seen here is closer to what is seen in Vietnam.