World War II

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United States of America


This U.S. World War II poster that was created by the Douglas Aircraft Company directly attacks the Japanese by representing one of their weaknesses. Showing the material conservation is what attracts the Japanese and what could be the death of the Japanese shows that the U.S. and companies like the Douglas Aircraft company are not trying to conserve materials, but rather bring all of the materials that are available and put them towards the war. The U.S. asked citizens to donate metal items so that they could be turned into items like airplanes and tanks for the war. The mouse/rat that is being caught in the trap on the poster is intended to resemble Hideki Tojo, the Japanese commander during the war. It is a simple message that is being shown in this poster and it is done in a fairly comical which would increase the number of viewers that it got.


Created by John Phillip Falter in 1942, this World War II poster addresses the issue of race in the United States. With the U.S. still segregated in many aspects, it was difficult for people of different races to work together in the war efforts, so this poster was a call to action for people to put aside the race issues and focus on the U.S. winning the war. The poster uses a quote from Abraham Lincoln to make the statement that it is not possible to have a world where half the people are considered free and the other half are seen as slaves. Segregation is what needs to be sacrificed to win the war and keep the United States a free country. This poster was targeted at all people in the U.S., but most likely more at the working-class people that would be working with people of another race.


Created by the Adolf Hitler and his fellow leaders of the Nazi Party, this video segment, that was shot by numerous of German combat film reporters, was a way to show praise to the leaders in Germany. Like many other types of propaganda published by the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler is shown as a heroic figure (this is visible when he is in the hospital greeting people) and all of the soldiers are shown to be strong and virtually unbeatable. Intended to be seen by the German people, this video represented the strength and power that the Nazi Party held and made it seem as though Germany was in control of the war. An important aspect of this source is that there is nothing glorified about the video, it is all real footage that makes the German forces look honorable.