intern meeting picture

This picture is of some of the interns in my program getting ready for our weekly Monday intern meetings. These meetings are led by Sabrina Hermosilla, one of the supervisors of the Global Mental Health Program. During these meetings, all of the interns go around and discuss their accomplishments from the week before. We also share what our goals for the coming week are, as well as some anticipated challenges.

When I spoke at the meeting, I discussed the project I am working on with my mentor Dr. Reuben Robbins. The study is examining the validity of tablet based applications in detecting neurocognitive impairment in adolescents with and without HIV in South Africa. I was able to read the grant that Dr. Robbins wrote to better understand the goals of his research. I have been helping to edit the questionnaires before they are moved to the tablet. I am excited to see what the next steps for the project are going to be!