This picture is of me and a fellow intern, Gillian Singer, at the New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI) where we have all of our intern meetings and seminars take place.

picture of me and gillian

Another picture of Gillian and I outside of the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. This building is right next to the NYSPI  and it is where most of the interns, including me, have their offices. I hope to be back at Mailman some day to pursue my Masters in Public Health!

My typical week as a GMHP intern:

We each start every morning by filling out a daily log that says where we will be working that day and what we are planning on doing.  This is providing a nice way to keep track of what I am accomplishing this summer with my research team.

Monday: Every Monday from 10:00am – 11:30am, we have an intern meeting where each intern recaps what they worked on the week before and what they hope to get done in the coming week. This gives us a great opportunity to learn about the other interesting projects that our fellow interns are working on.

Tuesday: At 9:30am every Tuesday, I have a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Reuben Robbins who is my mentor for the summer. We usually discuss things that I have been working on and he updates me on how the overall research project is going. It is really amazing to be able to work with Dr. Robbins in such a personal way and to learn from him.

Wednesday: At 11am every Wednesday, the New York State Psychiatric Institute has something called Grand Rounds where speakers come from within NYPSI or from outside to talk about the research and work that they are involved in. The GMHP encourages us to go and see these individuals speak. Many of the speakers are national experts on different aspects of mental health and it an amazing opportunity to learn about a broad range of topics.

At 1:00pm on most Wednesdays, we have seminars that vary in topic. Some weeks we have professional development seminars that focus on providing us with tools to build our own skills such as email ettiequte and learning how to use LinkedIn. Other weeks, we have people come and speak about the work that they do, such as Dr. Tahilia Rebello who spoke about her work with the Global Clinical Practice Network.

Our last weekly meeting, also on Wednesdays, are at 4:30pm. These are GMHP team meetings where the coordinators of the program and faculty members discuss the different research projects and the progress that they have been making. They also offer opportunities to work on different projects with them to expand our opportunities.

Thursday: We are usually on our own to work with our mentors on our research projects.

Friday: The GMHP program gives us Fridays to pursue other interests outside of the internship. Every Friday, I volunteer at the Sackler Institute in NYSPI, working in an animal lab with a Neurobiology PhD student at Columbia University. I wanted to have the experience of seeing basic lab science.