This picture was taken from the Global Clinical Practice Network website.

I had the opportunity to help write a paper about the Global Clinical Practice Network (GCPN) with Dr. Tahilia Rebello, a Research Scientist and Project Coordinator for the WHO Collaborating Centre for Capacity Building and Training in Global Mental Health at Columbia. The GCPN is a practice-based research network made of mental health professionals representing all regions of the world. The GCPN works to reduce the burden of mental health by linking clinicians working to  improve clinical care and health systems for mental and behavioral disorders.

It has been very cool to be a part of this project with Dr. Rebello because up until now, most of the PBRNs have been in non-mental health fields such as primary care. The GCPN is a unique and important online platform that serves to advance clinical care and health systems, specifically related to mental health.

The GCPN was initially created in conjunction with the WHO Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse to use the internet as a way to involve clinicians around the world. The GCP.Network has assisted in the revision process of the ICD-11 to create a platform for global data collection and research dissemination. The GCPN fits in with other technological platforms that are being used to improve mental health services and care. The GCPN could potentially serve as a vehicle for development, assessment and implementation of those similar tools to provide better care and further advance the field.

The GCPN has created a community of over 12,600 health professionals from over 150 countries. These individuals are all contributing their experience and expertise to enhance the field of mental health and shorten the gap between research and clinical implementation. The GCPN is expanding and by building international research capacity, it will have the ability to take priority issues into the field.

I had the opportunity to assist in writing the introduction and discussion sections of a paper that focuses on trying to determine whether clinicians would be interested in the GCPN as well as whether they had access to the appropriate technological platforms/devices, what are they already doing in terms of technology, and what their behaviors around technology and internet use. Dr. Rebello has been an excellent mentor to me throughout the summer and working on this paper was a great opportunity to work with her and to learn more about GCPN.