Cross-Cultural Literacy Narratives

What challenges meet students in study abroad programs as they learn to write academically in another language or culture?

This site contains a collection of cross-cultural literacy narratives from matriculated international students, visiting overseas students, and U.S. students who have studied abroad in a second language.  These students narrate the challenges that accompany learning to research, read, and write in a second language and in a foreign academic culture.  U.S. students explain how they revised their concept of “good writing” in foreign universities and learned strategies and techniques that they imported back to their home institution.  International students and visiting overseas students share their experiences of writing in their native country and the adaptations they had to make to succeed in U.S. college courses. 

Click a pin on the map to listen to a brief audio podcast by a student who has written cross-culturally. View International Writing in a larger map

View International Writing in a larger map