About Noreen Lape

Noreen Lape has served as Director of the Writing Program/Norman M. Eberly Multilingual Writing Center since 2009. As Director, she has developed a Writing Associates (Fellows) Program, transformed a well-established English writing center into a Multilingual Writing Center, administered a three-tiered writing requirement, coordinated a writing-focused faculty development program, and organized the Writing Assessment Project. Her teaching experience includes first-year writing, research writing, writing & wellness, and American literature courses as well as tutor training and composition theory at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her most recent projects and publications range from training tutors in emotional intelligence, giving voice to tutors’ useful knowledge through podcasting, and using writing as an intervention in psychotherapy. Currently, she is working on a project that theorizes the Multilingual Writing Center as a model for the international writing community.

“A Giant Mix of Expectations, Languages, and Backgrounds” with A.J. Wildey

AJA.J. Wildey studied abroad in Cuzco, Peru where she conducted original field research on traditional farming beliefs and practices.  In her interview, she describes the importance of being an agent of her own learning needs in an academic culture which did not offer formal instruction in and feedback on writing.  At the same time, she offers insights on how the development of her language skills coincided with her ability to synthesize course readings and lived experience. Listen to her podcast. 

 Edited and produced by Lucile Duperron. 

“Other People Already Said That: The Paradox of Close Reading” with Christine Muller


PauklaChristine Muller is a graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Transnational Literatures at the Univiersity of Bremen in Germany.  She examines how she learned to write a close reading, a new genre for her.  Her discussion leads her to consider more broadly the role of research in the writing process and the relationship between the writers and her secondary sources.  Group_project_FINAL 



Edited and produced by Esprit Basner, Magdalena Niedermeyer, Ethan Slusher, and Barrett Ziegler.   

“No Longer Going It Alone” with Mikael Toulza

photoMikael Toulza, an undergraduate English major at the University of Toulouse, Le Mirail, discusses his move from an individualistic writing culture at the University of Toulouse to the more collaborative and feedback-oriented writing culture at Dickinson College.  He imagines how his introduction to research writing, thesis statements, and the annotated bibliography will help him further his writing goals when he returns to France.   joelle_lizzy_claire_grace_final


Edited and produced by Claire Brawdy, Joelle Cicak, Lizzy Hardison, and Grace McCrocklin. 

“Things Natural to French People” with Ellen Aldin

Ellen_Aldin_Picture2Ellen Aldin studied abroad at the Insitut d’etudes politiques (IEP) de Toulouse, where she took courses in history and political science.   Detailing numerous cultural differences between French and U.S. academic writing, she narrates her culture shock experience of being assigned an outline — un plan detaille — only to find the expectations in France were not what she assumed based on her U.S. academic experience.  She also examines how she altered her composing processes and then imported her new ways of writing back to the U.S.  Ellen_Aldin_edit_

Edited and produced by Frieda Adu-Brempong, Courtney Helt, Madeleine Kushlan, and Mary Naydan.

“From Innocence to Critique” with Monica Vincentini

VicentiniFulbright scholar Monica Vincentini is pursuing a Master’s in Applied Linguistics at a state university in Brazil.  She details the cultural differences between her academic experiences in the U.S. and Brazil.  In so doing, she discusses how in learning to write U.S. academic discourse, she had to shift her focus from summary to analysis, from reporting information to forming an opinion.  Monica_interview_edit2_final


Edited and produced by Casey Cliff, Julia Dolinger, Allie Farrand, and Rachel Williams.

“Crossing Sentence Borders” with Enrica Nicoli-Aldini

enricaEnrica Nicoli-Aldini, a graduate student pursuing a Master of Translation Studies at the University of Bologna, speaks with four tutors about her transition from Italian to U.S. academic writing culture. Focusing on syntax, she contrasts the hypotaxis of Italian writers with the parataxis of U.S. writer. She also describes how for good writers in Italian, “the thesis emerges from what you write.”   enrica_aldini_edited


Edited and produced by Nathaniel Cohen, Jessica Klimoff, Jared Warzala, and Xueyin Zha.

“Rethinking the Writing Process in International Contexts” with Taylor Kobran

IMG_1503Taylor Kobran, an English major specializing in Creative Writing at Dickinson College, discusses her second language writing experience in Bologna, Italy.  Taylor explains how  her writing process changed when she composed in Italian versus English.  For Taylor, the planning stage became translingual and the outlining stage more structured.  taylor1


“Speaking Your Mind, Writing Your Opinion” with Vadim Ivanishchev

Vadim Ivanishchev, a World Economics major from Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow, attended Dickinson College in 2012.  As an Overseas Assistant, Vadim assisted Russian language professors in the classroom and served as a Russian writing tutor in the Multilingual Writing Center.  In comparing his U.S. and Russian writing experiences, he focuses on cultural differences when it comes to self-expression, essay structure, sentence length, and word choice.  vadim4


“Unravelling the Ball of Yarn” with Christina Socci

Christina Socci, an English major at Dickinson College, discusses her experiences as a literature student and second language writer in Toulouse, France.  Christina describes how she adapted French writing conventions, developed as a writer, and imported her new awareness of writing and the writing process back to her English studies and to her work in the writing center.  Listen to her podcast.