Last Day :(

My last day working for the Governor’s Office in the Statehouse was on Monday. It was not a typical day, because us interns had quite an interesting Speakers Series set up for us by our internship coordinator. Governor Baker was to sit down and talk to us interns for an hour or so and have some pizza with us, to get to know us a little bit and to thank us for the work we did for the state government, and to talk a little bit about some of our experiences this summer. This was pretty great; in addition to free pizza, we got to spend some time with the head of the Massachusetts Government. Instead of him talking to us, he wanted to get to know each of us a bit, so we went around the room and told him a little bit about ourselves; our name, where we are from, where we go to school, what we did as interns this summer, a funny story or experience we had from the internship, and then a fun fact about ourselves. I mentioned the fact that after working in the office of the Governor’s Council and reviewing many applications for service as a notary public, its become quite clear that a good amount of  people in Massachusetts don’t know what county they live in. I also shared that at Dickinson, I cut people’s hair in the dorm room bathrooms for a bit of extra spending money- he thought that was funny and asked if I ever had any repeat customers, which I have had many of.

After introductions, the Governor took a couple questions, but had to leave after an hour or so to keep with his very busy schedule. Still, before he left all of us interns posed for a photo or two with him, one serious and one goofy. I’ll attach them to this post.

It was a great experience to work in the Statehouse and get the opportunity to see what working in state government looks like on the inside. I want to thank you guys for reading my posts and joining in on this experience through this blog, and hope you maybe learned a thing or two from my experiences as well. It was a great summer of interning and working in Boston and I hope your summers were great as well. I am flying off to Bologna, Italy in a couple of days for a semester abroad. My Italian is a little bit rusty after a summer of English only, so wish me luck!


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