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Timeline: 1768 – Prithvi Narayan Shah unifies Kathmandu Valley (Matthew p. 141) 1950 – Nepalese people and King Tribhuvan overthrow the Ranas, ruling party over Nepal, w/ support from India, lead to “Delhi compromise” (Matthew p. 142) 1950 – Delhi … Continue reading

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Nepal Risk Timeline and the 2017 Monsoon Season

Timeline: 1996: February: Maoist Rebellion Begins, civil war ensues 2006: November: Civil War ends leaving 20,000 people dead and more displaced. 2008: May: Nepal becomes a republic 2015: 25 April: Earthquake kills thousands of people and causes widespread devastation 2014: … Continue reading

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Relevance of The 2015 Gorkha Earthquake

Nepali Timeline:   1996: Nepali Civil War begins 2001: Prince Dipendra assassinates nine royal family members 2002: King Gyanendra temporarily dissolves government 2008: Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist wins election, Nepal becomes the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal April 2015: Nepal … Continue reading

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Response to President Trump’s Letter on Leaving the Paris Accord

President Trump’s letter explaining why the United States is pulling out of the Paris Agreement is full of lies and muddled half-truths. This essay will focus in on Trump’s claim that the United States economy and workforce would be drastically … Continue reading

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UNFCCC Adaptation

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) provides a well written and concise summary on the topic of climate change adaption. The UNFCCC defines climate change adaptation as the processes, practices, and structures that countries must undertake in … Continue reading

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Nepal’s Most Significant Recent Events

1962 •Manhendra comes to power and implements the panchayat system of government. This allowed the king to rule with the help of councils (panchayat). 1987-1990 •Tensions between Nepal and India grow. This results in the interruption of trade, expulsion of … Continue reading

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Fact-checking Donald Trump’s statement

In President Trump’s response letter to why he decided to pull-out from the Paris Climate Agreement, one of the reasonings behind it is that the “emissions commitments would require us [the United States] to shift energy production from affordable, reliable … Continue reading

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A brief timeline of Nepal’s contemporary history

1950: King Tribhuvan overthrew the ruling Ranas, with the support from India. As India was fighting for independence as its own democratic state, Nepal formed its first democratic government, after a long ruling of the monarch. 1962: King Mahendra, Tribhuvan … Continue reading

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Monsoon Season & Natural Disasters in Nepal Timeline

August 2017– Seasonal flooding from monsoon rains causes widespread devastation in Himalayan foothills in Nepal, Bangladesh and India. Estimated 1200 people killed and 40 million people affected. Read more. October 2016– The military and Sherpas complete drainage of Imja glacial … Continue reading

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Living with Nepal’s History – The Civil War and Climate Change

A Timeline of Climate Change in Nepal 1951 – The Rana monarchy falls and Nepal opens up to global trade. Nepal joins the United Nations four years later. Liberalized trade improved incomes but also exposed Nepal to global price shocks. … Continue reading

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