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18th Century- Industrial Revolution of the Western World December 11, 1997- Kyoto Protocol               – UNFCCC founded 2006- China overtakes USA as world’s largest carbon emitter April 25, 2015- Earthquake in Nepal 7.8 May 12, 2015- Aftershock 7.3 April 22, … Continue reading

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Observing a Scene

I am interpreting Britton Plaza through the lens as of a landscape as a habitat.  Britton plaza has been constructed to fit the exact needs of college students.  The space reflects the values of the group of students that attend … Continue reading

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Analyzing Credibility

There is allot of information out there concerning climate change.  With so much to sift through one must determine what is credible.  A source that we rely on quite heavily in the 250 class is IDS Nepal.  The source is … Continue reading

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Climate Models

One of the key critiques of climate models is that they are incredibly vague. For example the 2100 precipitation change compared to the 1970-1999 baseline in Nepal is modeled to be between -30% and 100%. It is true that no … Continue reading

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The Future of Climate Science Under the Trump Administration

During the 2016 Presidential campaign Donald Trump famously made inflammatory claims in which he questioned the indisputable science of climate change.   Uninformed and vague statements on the subject of climate change left many to worry about what would happen … Continue reading

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Arresting God in Kathmandu

Over the Summer I read Arresting God in Kathmandu by Samrat Upadhyay, it is a collection of stories about various individuals and their families living life in Kathmandu.  The stories are incredibly varied, representing people of different genders, age and … Continue reading

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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Response

Under the category of mitigation I am exploring a land use issue. In the Paris Agreement developed countries are encouraged to contribute to mitigation efforts through nationally determined contributions or NDCs. Whereas developing countries are urged to contribute in mitigation … Continue reading

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