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Landscape as Habitat in Philadelphia

The Cira green building at Drexel University- apartments for students A quick trip to visit my cousin in Philadelphia led me to a beautifully constructed dorm. What struck me first about the building was park located on a rooftop in … Continue reading

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Climate Credibility

a front page section of the New York Times showing how far above or below average temperatures were in 2014, compared to other years. The hot topic of climate change has been filling the news lately. As our President and … Continue reading

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The Validity of Climate Models in Predicting Climate Change

The increasing political debate on climate change is unnerving. The science behind the linkage between our earth’s changing climate and human impact has been proven for years. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has continued to increase their certainty … Continue reading

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Important Events in the History of Nepal

  1814-1816: This was the period of the Anglo-Nepalese war, which left Nepal with the small amount of land it has today. This war proved the strength of the Nepalese army, and gave them their independence. (1) 1950: This was … Continue reading

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Fact-Checking Trump

Donald Trump has made some pretty bold claims in his short time serving as our president, but what are charismatic statements without truth- propaganda perhaps? The Politifact website shows, the majority of Trump’s statements are False, a recorded 33% of … Continue reading

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UNFCCC: Negotiations

The topic I selected from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) interactive site, was the negotiations section. This section interested me because I think it is increasingly important to understand how to negotiate and solve problems fairly … Continue reading

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