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🎺♩ ♪ Landscape as Self-Organization ♫ ♬ 🎷 (so jazzy)

Nam, Willow & Jessica. We will be taking a look at landscape through the lens of self-organization. More specifically, during our travel in Nepal, we will be looking for the physical evidence of self-organizing processes and human collaborations, with the … Continue reading

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A view of Briton Plaza through the lense of landscape as ideology

Humans are social creatures that are drawn towards self-organization, establishing social norms and decreasing anarchy within the system. This idea is prevalent in our daily life, from the community level, to the larger-scale society and governmental institutions. Even since the … Continue reading

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Assessing the credibility of sources

When conducting literature review, it is important that we use reliable sources in order to obtain the most accurate information.  Especially, when it comes to the topic of climate change, citing sound data from a reputable organization is even more … Continue reading

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Making decisions in the light of uncertainty from global climate models

  Models are important in all sciences. They are created to synthesize knowledge and quantify effects through mathematical equations. Global climate models are created based on the fundamental laws of physics, as they attempt to translate natural cycles of the … Continue reading

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Fact-checking Donald Trump’s statement

In President Trump’s response letter to why he decided to pull-out from the Paris Climate Agreement, one of the reasonings behind it is that the “emissions commitments would require us [the United States] to shift energy production from affordable, reliable … Continue reading

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A brief timeline of Nepal’s contemporary history

1950: King Tribhuvan overthrew the ruling Ranas, with the support from India. As India was fighting for independence as its own democratic state, Nepal formed its first democratic government, after a long ruling of the monarch. 1962: King Mahendra, Tribhuvan … Continue reading

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UNFCCC’s Climate Financing Mechanisms

The UNFCCC is one of the most important governing bodies that facilitate the discussion of climate change on an international level. With its goal of stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations to a level that would not bring catastrophic changes to the … Continue reading

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