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Timeline: 1768 – Prithvi Narayan Shah unifies Kathmandu Valley (Matthew p. 141) 1950 – Nepalese people and King Tribhuvan overthrow the Ranas, ruling party over Nepal, w/ support from India, lead to “Delhi compromise” (Matthew p. 142) 1950 – Delhi … Continue reading

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Trump’s Statement on Paris Agreement is “Mostly False”

President Donald Trump stated, in a letter received by Professor Neil Leary, that “little would change for our climate under the Paris Agreement”.  Under the rankings used to gauge the accuracy of statements by Politifact this on can be considered … Continue reading

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UNFCCC- Deforestation

As the relationship between greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change becomes increasingly apparent studies examining ways to mitigate these changes are also raising.  The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) provides a list on their website of … Continue reading

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Summer Reading: Tigers in Nepal

In the book, Bones of the Tiger: Protecting the Man-eaters of Nepal Hemanta Mishra provides detailed accounts of his life work, studying and conserving tigers in Nepal.  Throughout Mishra’s stories of tiger conservation, I have learned about the history of … Continue reading

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