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A Precautionary Principle for Climate Models and Decision-making

Definitions of risk are often framed around the possibility of harm. Decision-makers will never have 100% certainty, especially when it comes to climate variability. The UNFCCC does not allow incomplete data to limit global response. Instead, it follows a “precautionary … Continue reading

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Living with Nepal’s History – The Civil War and Climate Change

A Timeline of Climate Change in Nepal 1951 – The Rana monarchy falls and Nepal opens up to global trade. Nepal joins the United Nations four years later. Liberalized trade improved incomes but also exposed Nepal to global price shocks. … Continue reading

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Trump Navigates around the Truth on Paris Agreement Costs

President Donald Trump justified his rejection of the Paris Agreement with a hot button political issue – jobs. The popular saying goes that the people vote with their wallets. So President Trump also framed his decision around prices. He claimed … Continue reading

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How the UNFCCC Does Technology Transfer

Globalization levels the playing field for innovation in climate adaptation and mitigation. But barriers to the transfer of innovative ideas from universities to entrepreneurs to communities remain high in much of the developing world. The UN Framework Convention on Climate … Continue reading

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