Final Internship Post!

The last days of my internship at Seaside Sustainability were a rush of goodbyes as other interns started leaving. It was interesting to think back to my first week there and realize how many friendships and professional relationships I had created during over the course of the summer. As people began leaving we worked hard to finish up the last bits of all the projects we were working on and get as much as possible done before we left for good. This involved one last round of field work and inputting of the data to be sent to our partner organizations.

The interns were also tasked with creating write-ups of our ongoing projects so that future interns could use them next summer to continue where we left off. Writing these was a great way for me to conclude everything I had been working on during the summer and let me think about these projects one last time. I was also able to make suggestions for future work that could be done which was interesting. I am excited to follow the organization through it’s social media and the connections I have made through my internship and see how these projects progress and improve in the future.

Additionally, we were tasked with writing a document explaining our roles and the internship experience to new interns. This was also a great wrap up assignment because it allowed me to think over everything I had did and how my experience could have been improved. I was able to reflect on my internship experience as a whole and really think about what I was taking away from it and how I could use the skills I gained in the real world. Overall, I had a great summer working for seaside sustainability and I am excited to bring the new skills I have gained into both Dickinson classrooms and the future workforce.