A Morning in New Haven…

I live off-campus in the suburban part of New Haven, right outside heart of Yale’s campus and the New Haven Green.  While most people would imagine living off-campus is difficult, it’s not nearly as inconvenient as I anticipated. With my internship grant, I’m able to have a morning walk AND a 10-minute bus ride to work…two for the price of one. Unlike the hectic MTA buses in New York City that I’m used to, Connecticut Transit buses have a set schedule for when buses will be their stops…and it’s reliable! To top that off, Connecticut Transit system charges $47 for an unlimited monthly transit card while New York City charges $104…I could get used to living here.  Most people under-estimate the value in commuting to and from work. However, I’ve learned a significant amount about New Haven geography, the culture of the community, and the livelihood of New Haven residents through my daily commutes. Like myself, most people on the bus patiently ride with their music to wake them up as they head to work and young children with their parents pout because they don’t want to go to school. The afternoons are also filled with tired adults, but with a sense of relief that the day is finally over.  While the community layout of my neighborhood and lab location are noticeably different, I appreciate that I’ve been able to have two different learning experiences here for the summer. With a simple metro-card, I am able to learn not only in my research-lab, but also on the very streets that I walk on, about the city of New Haven.

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