Lunch on Wheels…

Lunch-time at the Handelsman Lab is not your average meal.  On Yale Science Hill where my lab is located around 11-2pm daily, you can find a multitude of different cultures….in carts. To everyone who works here, we refer to them as “the carts”. The carts consist of dishes from various cultures across the world including Thai, Ethiopian, Mexican, Bengali and more. The best part is, unlike so many fast food chains and restaurants that I know of, the servings are so large that you can pretty much purchase lunch AND dinner…for five bucks.  With the career center grant, I can spend purchase my lunch and sometimes even dinner, at an affordable cost.  The great thing about the carts is watching how it gradually unifies lab communities and researchers with cart workers. Unlike most restaurants, these workers remember our faces and genuinely great us when we arrive at their carts.  If you walk into any lab lunchroom, at least one topic of conversation begins with, “what’d you get at the carts today?” The carts easily becomes most researchers go-to place to gain some energy through eating and creating conversation away from their lab benches.  photo (3)

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