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Take Advantage of Free Events!

A tip to all you readers out there:

Free events are the best. If you live in a big city, especially one like D.C. where there are tons of young professionals and people trying to get their agenda across to wide audiences, there are bound to be many free events offered in your area that are specific to your interests. Using databases like Linktank, talking to your coworkers and other interns you come into contact with, and Google searching for event calendars at your favorite non-profits are all ways find events that interest you.

What’s great about these events, aside from the  information you’ll gain and the free food (which you shouldn’t underestimate–feeding yourself in a city is expensive!) is that you also have the opportunity to meet people and make connections with people in a field that you’re interested in. If you talk to the other people attending or even hosting the event, you won’t have to worry about searching for topics of conversation. Clearly, since you’re both there, you share at least some interests! That makes the whole idea of networking a lot less intimidating, if you ask me. In the past, I had always worried that I wouldn’t be able to make a good impression when meeting someone who works in the field that I want to work in when I’m older. Now, however, I’ve found that as long as you can identify your common interests, it’s a lot easier to take the leap into the world of networking.

Today, I’ve been to one event held at the Capitol about Cuba, where I learned a lot about the U.S.’s stance on Cuba and met some interesting people, and later this evening I will be attending a networking party, hosted by the former Latin American correspondent for the New York Times. I can’t stress enough how important it is to network. Even if nothing comes from your first few interactions, at least you’ll have had some practice with networking, so that you can make an even better impression later on.


In other news, I’ve been published a few more times! You can check out the articles here:


The first article is about the current riots in Brazil, and the second is about the peace talks between the Colombian government, and the FARC, a Marxist rebel group that has been attempting to stage a revolution for approximately 50 years.

Hasta la próxima,


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