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My Daily Commute

This week is shaping up to be a scorcher in Washington. Daily, I’m cursing whoever decided to build our nation’s capital on top of a swamp. Genius. But there’s no changing the location, and no use complaining about the 90-100 degree heat every day, along with the fact that this is the week my air conditioning decided to break. Of course. As a result of these less-than-ideal conditions, a few adjustments have been made to my daily schedule. Nevertheless, I’m going to attempt to give you a peek at my morning routine here:

Well here’s the forecast for the week:

IMG_2377 As you can see, we’re in the middle of a heat wave. I’ve been foregoing my usual hot coffee with Thin Mint-flavored Coffeemate, and have been using the heat as an excuse to frequent my favorite coffee shop.

IMG_2375  Our dress code is business casual, but our boss has been very lax with the dress code this week, letting us err on the more casual side of business casual. A nice lightweight dress makes my 20 minute commute a little more bearable.

IMG_2376 I’m living in the Pi Beta Phi Chapter House at George Washington University, so I’ve been really happy to connect with some sisters from a different chapter! It also gives me an excuse to display some Pi Phi pride. 🙂

IMG_2380 Since GWU is located in a sort of odd location, it takes longer to get to DuPont Circle (where COHA is located) by metro than it does to walk. It’s pretty unfortunate on hot days or when it’s raining, because my commute is doubled when I take the metro, so I’m always trying to weigh the costs versus benefits of avoiding the unpleasant weather in exchange for getting up earlier. Getting up later and enduring the weather usually wins out.

IMG_2382 On my way to work, I pass my favorite restaurant in D.C., Founding Farmers. It’s a farm-to-table restaurant that is absolutely delicious. I’ve already been there twice, and am planning on going at least one more time before I leave. That’s saying a lot, since I don’t usually like to repeat restaurants, since there are so many options in the city.

IMG_2383 And next door to Founding Farmers is the IMF. It’s pretty cool to be passing by organizations on my daily commute that I’m only used to learning about in class.

IMG_2384 About halfway through my commute, I stop by Filter. While Starbucks or Caribou Coffee are both solid standbys, I really prefer to support local businesses. And aside from that, the prices here are cheaper and the coffee is even better, usually! The only thing it really lacks that Starbucks and Caribou both have is variety. You can’t get a campfire s’mores latter at Filter, that’s for sure. However, the ambiance and quality basics more than make up for it.

IMG_2387 Today, I ordered my usual, which is an iced Chai latte and a chocolate chip scone. Delicious!

IMG_2388 Finally, I arrive at the office. (Don’t mind the time on the clock–I arrive before 9 am, but I took this picture closer to 10 am.) The intern space isn’t exactly glamorous, but I’ve gotten used to it, and enjoy working close with the other interns.

And that’s my morning in a nutshell!

Hasta la próxima,


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