NBA Basketball Coming to an Embassy Near You

One fun part of my job at U.S. Embassy Yaounde is getting to work with awesome people. One fine day as the monsoon rains pounded down outside my bullet-proof window, I got an email from the agent of Luc Mbah a Moute, an NBA player with the Milwaukee Bucks… and a native Cameroonian.

Luc Mbah A Moute

My penchant for tall shoes means that I usually tower over everybody. Not today.

Luc wanted to meet with the Embassy in order to see about partnering up to bolster and expand the educational outreach he does in Cameroon. Luc is a great guy: He came to the Embassy escorted only by his green designer pants, ready to speak to us, person to person, about his passion for providing opportunities to Cameroonian young people. And because the Public Affairs section is charged with the Embassy’s education programs, that meant that the person he was talking to was…me.

Well, mostly. I shepherded him through the security rigamarole at the front gate, then up to the Ambassador’s office, where he talked with Ambassador Robert Jackson, a cultural affairs officer, and a press officer (my supervisors). I took pictures. You can read the headline article I wrote for the Embassy web site by clicking the link below. All in a day’s work!



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