Je laisse la vie m’emporter

Internship almost done. Plantain chips bought. email address set for what I hope is only a temporary retirement. I live so entirely in the moment here in Cameroon that I hardly have a moment to look back…or to look forward. But now I will let life, or more accurately, a large jet, carry me home, and to my next professional adventure. Coming up: Internship at the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies and a semester in Washington, DC. Here’s the “me” that I’m sending ahead of me:

Nina Kuntz is a senior at Dickinson College where she is a double major in philosophy and French. She is interning at NESA through The Washington Center for Internships after being inspired to study the NESA region by a stint working on environmental and peacemaking issues at the Arava Institute in Israel. Nina’s interest in international relations led her to study abroad in Cameroon for a semester in 2012 and France during the 2012-2013 academic year, which allowed her to conduct an independent research project in Cameroon during the summer 2012 and intern at a photo gallery in while in France. She returned to Cameroon to complete a summer internship in Public Diplomacy at the U.S. Embassy in Yaoundé and is awaiting the October 2013 FSOT apprehensively.  She is excited to dive into American work culture in Washington and hopes to have time to learn Arabic and continue her dance career on the side.    

AND if you want to learn more, you should come to the IRC advising office– oh wait, that’s the wrong shameless plug. If you wish to follow my stateside shenanagins or read about my bizarre travelling past, follow my blog here at:




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