This Blog Post is UNCLASSIFIED: 10 Weeks of Cameroon in Statistics

Pages of security clearance forms filled out: 60

Months it took to fill them out: 3

Cost of plane ticket Paris-Cameroon, in dollars: Way too much

Internship grant received, in dollars: 3000

Number of hikes up Mont Febe: 17

Number of moto rides: 1

Houses occupied: 4

Total hours worked: about 400

Percentage of Friday afternoons off-work: 100

Percentage of those afternoons spent sleeping :100

Number of sunburns: 1

Number of anti-malarial pills taken: 70 

Hours spent at Mfoundi food market: 4

Number of Embassy meetings run solely by myself: 3

Number of photos sneakily taken of the Presidential Palace: 7

Sightings of Madame Chantal Biya, First Lady of Cameroon: 0

Sightings of Lions soccer players walking around in Yaounde: 2

Emails sent: 293

Number of keggers held at the U.S. Embassy during work hours: 2

Percentage of people in the Peace Corps who are hilarious: 100

Number of attempted IV insertions into my extremities: 4

Number of successful attempts: 0

Number of pineapples consumed: 12

Estimated number of plantains consumed: 60

Number of 4th of July parties attended: 3

Number of 4th of July parties held on the 4th of July: 1

Number of dates gone on with American guys: 3

Number of dates gone on with American guys, in the U.S.: 0

Proportion of my diet that consists of beans and beignets: 1/21

Proportion of my diet that should consist of beans and beignets: 1/2

Number of clubbing outings: 3

Median bedtime: 9:30pm

Percentage of men in the Navy who are attractive: 90 (That’s nine out of ten, ladies. Get on it.)

Number of trips to Biyem-Assi: 9

Number of trips to JC chicken: not enough

Percentage of Cameroonians who exhibit basic politeness: 50

Percentage of Cameroonians who exhibit basic politeness when I’m in the visa window: 100

Amount of stay spent in bacteria-induced stupor: 1/5

Bananas consumed on roadtrip, estimated: 17

Number of business cards collected: 13

Number of instances mistaken for the Ambassador: 2

Press releases written: 2

Cables written: 1

Number of times I typed my secret code in order to access the secure section: 8

Percentage of those times that I felt awesome: 100

Days remaining until I return to Cameroon: ?

2 thoughts on “This Blog Post is UNCLASSIFIED: 10 Weeks of Cameroon in Statistics

  1. Sahuri Nur

    Cameroon is great country, I am from Indonesia, very nice to read this article
    , nice data. And I will come back for this web, please to make update an article

    Thank you.
    Sahuri from Indonesia

    1. ninak Post author

      Hi Sahuri,

      I’m thrilled to hear you enjoyed Between Two Worlds! I no longer update this blog, but you can follow my active blog at Thanks!


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