This Blog Post is UNCLASSIFIED: 10 Weeks of Cameroon in Statistics

Pages of security clearance forms filled out: 60

Months it took to fill them out: 3

Cost of plane ticket Paris-Cameroon, in dollars: Way too much

Internship grant received, in dollars: 3000

Number of hikes up Mont Febe: 17

Number of moto rides: 1

Houses occupied: 4

Total hours worked: about 400

Percentage of Friday afternoons off-work: 100

Percentage of those afternoons spent sleeping :100

Number of sunburns: 1

Number of anti-malarial pills taken: 70 

Hours spent at Mfoundi food market: 4

Number of Embassy meetings run solely by myself: 3

Number of photos sneakily taken of the Presidential Palace: 7

Sightings of Madame Chantal Biya, First Lady of Cameroon: 0

Sightings of Lions soccer players walking around in Yaounde: 2

Emails sent: 293

Number of keggers held at the U.S. Embassy during work hours: 2

Percentage of people in the Peace Corps who are hilarious: 100

Number of attempted IV insertions into my extremities: 4

Number of successful attempts: 0

Number of pineapples consumed: 12

Estimated number of plantains consumed: 60

Number of 4th of July parties attended: 3

Number of 4th of July parties held on the 4th of July: 1

Number of dates gone on with American guys: 3

Number of dates gone on with American guys, in the U.S.: 0

Proportion of my diet that consists of beans and beignets: 1/21

Proportion of my diet that should consist of beans and beignets: 1/2

Number of clubbing outings: 3

Median bedtime: 9:30pm

Percentage of men in the Navy who are attractive: 90 (That’s nine out of ten, ladies. Get on it.)

Number of trips to Biyem-Assi: 9

Number of trips to JC chicken: not enough

Percentage of Cameroonians who exhibit basic politeness: 50

Percentage of Cameroonians who exhibit basic politeness when I’m in the visa window: 100

Amount of stay spent in bacteria-induced stupor: 1/5

Bananas consumed on roadtrip, estimated: 17

Number of business cards collected: 13

Number of instances mistaken for the Ambassador: 2

Press releases written: 2

Cables written: 1

Number of times I typed my secret code in order to access the secure section: 8

Percentage of those times that I felt awesome: 100

Days remaining until I return to Cameroon: ?

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  1. Sahuri Nur

    Cameroon is great country, I am from Indonesia, very nice to read this article
    , nice data. And I will come back for this web, please to make update an article

    Thank you.
    Sahuri from Indonesia


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