Halfway through my internship and it has been an eventful past few weeks. I attended conferences, networking events, museums and more. Some highlights include:

  • Attending a conference on U.S.-Ukrainian Relations at the University Club
  • Celebrating World Refugee Day at the Kennedy Center
  • Meeting with the Director of Admissions at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  • Visiting the National Museum of African-American History and Culture
  • Touring the United States Capitol Building

Throughout my time in D.C. I am learning the importance of networking and interpersonal skills. I interviewed my boss this week about his career path and to get advice on working in the policy community. He stressed the value of internships, publications and explained to me the pros and cons of public sector versus private sector jobs. I am building relationships with the seven other interns I work beside and with the senior fellows at the organization. The biggest takeaway from the interview was understanding the role of think tanks in the policymaking community. I have been learning how think tanks operate and where their funding comes from. Finally, I was listed as an editor for AFPC’s monthly publication, the Global Islam Monitor. I have attached the link below.

Link: https://www.afpc.org/publications/bulletins/global-islamism-monitor/global-islamism-monitor-no.-67