Thanks to the Dickinson grant I have been able to take advantage of key intern experiences like grabbing lunch with coworkers, attending policy briefings and networking after work hours. I would advise future interns to make use of the resources your school has to offer, as many schools allocate money for internship support. As far as internship opportunities for students interested in foreign policy, I would recommend looking into to think tanks, agencies, U.S. State Department and other government internships.

Advice for future interns:

  • Apply early– Some deadlines for competitive internships are as early as the fall. 

  • Use your connections– Don’t be afraid to reach out to people in your network, many professionals are more than happy to offer career advice and help young people interested in their field of work. 

  • Treat your internship like a real job– Regularly check in with your supervisor and ask to take on more projects if you feel things at work are slowing down. 

  • Take notes– Carry a notebook everywhere, ask questions and write down everything!

Last week I attended an AFPC-hosted briefing series for Congressional Staff in the House and Senate, featuring presentations by experts in defense technology. I also had the opportunity to visit the National Museum of the American Indian and learn about Carlisle’s dark history with its Indian Industrial School. Some other recent highlights include meeting with scholars at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), talking to former foreign service officers, and visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum and Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden.