Looking back on my summer in D.C. I learned a lot from my internship and living in a new city. I made meaningful connections with the people at my internship and got a taste of what it feels like to be on an editing team for a large publication. I spent most of my summer as an editor for a 74-chapter compendium titled the “World Almanac of Islamism”. I edited 10 chapters of the Almanac and spent most of my summer fact checking, checking for political bias, formatting, editing language and making sure all the information is relevant and up to date. I also learned learned a lot about about the intersection between politics and Islam. I was also able to publish three Global Islam Monitors on AFPC’s website and overall gain a better understanding of Islamic activity around the world.

When I left my internship I made sure to thank everyone I worked with and exchange contact so we can keep in touch throughout the year. This internship helped me secure my next internship with the Foriegn Policy Research Institute. I will be doing this internship remotely from Dickinson and studying the effects of foreign influence on the 2020 Presidential Election.