First Impression


First time entering to the office of Italy-America of Chamber of Commerce here in Texas was really nice.

I instantly felt welcomed into the environment. I was received by Alessandra, Alesia who is the Executive Director had already mentioned me to Alessandra. Alessandra was very enthusiastic to get to know me, and right away went to announced to Alesia that I had arrived. They both sat with me and made me feel welcomed, and part of the organization. They were willing to work around my schedule and teach me everything they wanted me to help them out with. This internship was different, they introduced me to everyone in their office and everyone was really excited to work with me. They were more excited when I told them I was able to speak a bit of Italian and that I would be visiting their mother country on the fall, for school. I spoke a bit in Italian, but to be honest I need lots of practice because they were just too fast. But, the great part is that I get to listen to them speak and be at least able to understand what they are talking about.

They have also been really helpful on trying to speak a bit slower for me and have conversations with me in Italian, which I believe to be a great way to get ready for my academic year in Bologna, this fall.

Stay tuned

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