First Translation


Being part of IACC Texas has been amazing. These past weeks I been learning a lot of different things that have open my mind. Although most of the work load is not related to my Political Science major, I have had an exposure to new projects. From creating welcome kits for the new members of the organization to translating a variety of official documents from Italian to English or viceversa. Which this helps me a lot on my Italian language skills. This past week I was given a big important translation project. Which consisted on a five page European income tax transcript. My colleagues were really supportive while I was trying to work on it, they were there to help me understand words I wasn’t aware of in Italian. It took me about three days to fully complete the translation, it was such a great feeling. During the weekend I received a message from my Italian advisor/professor letting me know how proud he was for making a translation without any errors. He had talked to the IACC director Alessia and she was telling him about how I was doing and how well I had done on my first translation. It’s an amazing feeling knowing you are doing a good job and others seeing the work you do.

Continue following my experience throughout my internship.


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