Soccer and Work?


The World Cup is what mostly everyone speaks about this summer, with each day having a new match. Everyone is rooting for their home teams, or cheering for other teams since their own didn’t made the cut. Sadly, for my IACC colleagues this was the case, Italy hadn’t made it to this year’s World Cup. Which made think I shouldn’t bring soccer up, but I was mistaken. Last week at my internship I heard two of my colleagues speaking in Italian, which is normal at the office, about Argentina’s game and about my favorite soccer player, Lionel Messi. I instantly turn around and say “oh dio mio, mi piace molto Messi” (Oh my god! I love Messi) which made the entire office turn around and looked at me surprised. Then we started talking about Argentina and Messi, and turns out we had one more thing in common. Our passion for soccer made us more united and we decided to watch the game of Argentina vs. Nigeria. However, although we were watching the game we were all working on different things. As I practice my Italian writing skills with another translation, I was also having a great opportunity to practice my language skills in the subject of soccer. Now I feel a bit more comfortable watching games being narrated in Italian, and that’s very important for me since I will be in Italy and hope to see a game or two at my visit.

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