How Did I End Up Here?


As you all know this summer I’m an intern at Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, IACC, but I’ll like to take this time to tell you how I ended here. It is really thanks to my Italian Professor/ Advisor Lanzilotta. Without his support I wouldn’t have even known about IACC, and I wouldn’t of had such an amazing experience like the one I’m having now. It all started with another internship which he had also recommended. But after the long process we hadn’t had a response from them, therefore we decided to withdraw my application. However, my professor being the great person he is, was not happy with that.

I remember exactly that day he informed me that he had found this internship with IACC. It was a Wednesday, mid-April, and I had just arrived at the gym. If you know me, well that took much convincing from my part, so when I received his URGENT email, I took a “break” to read it. In less than 2 minutes I got my things and left the gym to go see my Professor before he left campus. That’s when he gave me more details about the internship and I accepted to give it a try. After a short and easy process, I officially had an internship waiting for me when I returned to Houston. So far, it’s been such a great opportunity and would recommend it to anyone. The environment it extremely friendly and calm. I truly thank Professor Lanzilotta for being a great support.

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