Trouble with our Webinar!

Have you ever tried preparing something in advance and testing it so for when you need it, it would work? Well if you have then you will understand our struggle.
This is what happened to us on the day of the Webinar. Francesca, my colleague, and I were trying to find a website that would work for the Webinar IACC wanted to create. Which would work as an informational segment about their biggest event in Houston, ‘Taste of Italy’. After days of research we finally found a website that offered everything we were looking for. From there, Francesca and I, initiated the process of figuring out how to make this webinar work. By creating many webinars and testing them, with everyone in the office participating, on different devices. Until we were able to figure it out and have it schedule and send invitations.
Finally, the day came, and I arrived early to the office to help Maurizio, with the Webinar. Also, because I really wanted to learn more about their ‘Taste of Italy Houston’ event. But, just a few minutes before we were about to stream live, we realized there was something missing. This was a very stressful time at the office because everything and everyone was ready to go, except that we couldn’t hold as many individuals on that webinar.
However, we had to act quickly, and try to create a new one in less than then minutes, while emailing the new data to the members who had register. After a couple of troubles, because trust me there were plenty, we worked as a team to make it happen. And finally, everything turned out great. Once it was done, we had a good laughed.

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