Fahrenheit to Celsius?


Today, marks exactly a month away from being in Bologna, and I’m more than excited to officially start my abroad journey. Although it’s not until next month that I will be on Italian soil, it seems to me that my trip started a long time ago. It started with my internship at IACC. As soon as I walk in to the office it like I’m in Italy. Everyone speaks in Italian, eat Italian food and of course projects/assignments are in Italian or about Italy.

I have learned lots about Italy and its culture by being part of IACC, its either from questioning everything that I have no idea what is it or the reason behind some actions to having small random conversations with professionals at IACC.

In one of my random morning conversations with Alessandra, about the weather in Houston- extremely hot- we were talking about how in the United States we use Fahrenheit, but in Italy it is Celsius. Something that I knew about but had totally forgotten. From there we decided that to make my change easier, I should start with something easy and simple. Which was to change my phone’s settings from Fahrenheit to Celsius. This although annoying at time because it is something I’m not accustom to, it has been helpful. Now it won’t be too much trouble to adjust when I go to Italy.

With small tips like such, everyone at IACC has made me feel more comfortable about my journey to Italy.

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